Jitterbuggin’ (Chocolate chip banana “bug” muffins)

3 10 2013

Everybody seems to have a favourite recipe for banana bread. It’s certainly handy in households like ours that just can’t eat bananas fast enough. You know what I’m talking about — the freezer is your best friend and you always have about a half-dozen blackened bananas wedged in between your ice cream and frozen peas.

Not being fond of bananas, I’m not actually a huge fan of banana bread or muffins. But you can only throw away so much food without feeling like a total wastrel. The solution? Chocolate chips and fun shapes — both ingredients for a delicious, moist treat that kids and adults alike will enjoy.


The result of an impromptu girls’ night of baking and It’s A Wonderful Life (and, of course, too many frozen bananas in the freezer), along with the sudden inspiration to use a Nordic Ware Backyard Bugs pan we had received as a wedding present, this recipe  Read the rest of this entry »


A new state of mind

26 09 2013

It’s a rare and wonderful thing to love what you do for a living. I’ve been incredibly blessed to land a job with a charity and a cause I’ve come to strongly believe in, so this post more or less wrote itself.

That organization is Partners for Mental Health, and its goal — to create a new state of mind in Canada, one in which mental health is talked about, treated and supported differently — is what inspired the title of this post.

As part of my job, I get to work with a really neat team of volunteers called Community Correspondents who pretty much energize me every time I talk to them. Their amazing passion Read the rest of this entry »

Tots & togs

19 09 2013

Wow, has it really been a year since I last updated this blog?

I’ve been full of good intentions, and to be sure, I have so many projects to write about. All good things, right? Sadly, rather than being filled with inspiration and excitement, I’m one of those people who, when confronted with an abundance of things to do, tends to curl up in a despondent ball and decide to watch six hours in a row of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix instead.

This won’t be a long update, though. I just wanted to share some of the pictures of my friends’ adorable tots modelling the togs I crocheted for them:

The lovely Gabby W. wearing the hoodie I made for her.

The lovely Gabby W. wearing the hoodie I made for her in this post:

The mint kimono top was a little big for cutie-pie Brayden V. but he rocked it anyway.

The mint kimono top was a little big for cutie-pie Brayden V. but he rocked it anyway.

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10 07 2012

Happy to highlight the adorable knitting blog, Crayons and Milk – not only is it a source of endless delight and cuteness, the owner was kind enough to like my baby clothes post. There’s also a great giveaway contest at the moment where the owner is doing a draw for a hand-knitted toys and they are just gorgeous!

I’ve just started following but I’m definitely excited to see more and will have to try knitting some of those toys if and when I get back into knitting…

crayons and milk

I just want to THANK YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU for all the love, support, and encouragements that I have been receiving!  *Hugs & Kisses*

How this works: 
I will knit one toy for you (choose from the pictures below)

Toenter (do all 3):
1.  Follow my blog
2.  Like this post
3.  Comment below for which toy you would like me to knit for you <Ballerina, Chef, or Nurse>

*OPTIONAL for WordPress bloggers only*:Reblog this post for an extra chance to win (i.e. Your name will be entered twice in the draw)

*OPTIONAL for e-mail followers only*: Share my blog through another form of social media and let me know you’ve done so by commenting below (I may not be able to verify because there may be privacy settings such as for Facebook; therefore, its an…

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Bringing up baby (clothes)

3 07 2012

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been in the midst of a whirlwind for the past few months – I started a fairly demanding new job in February, and on top of my usual activities, I was working on finishing up some more crocheted baby gifts for some of my lovely sisters at church.

I finally managed to sit down, upload and correct photos of my projects, and well, here I am!

Having never made any clothing before, I was quite pleased with this first project, a minty green kimono top that I made for Brayden V. – who was born June 20, the day after my birthday! – and his momma Remmick, who’s an absolute sweetheart. Read the rest of this entry »

Quilt trip

25 01 2012

I’ve mentioned the incomparable Mrs. Dunwell of Done Well many times before, and readers will know she is quite the quilter (wanted to put something in there about it being a “quilty pleasure” of hers but alas, I cannot claim credit for that fantastic pun since it’s the name of a store in Orleans).

Now, I can’t quilt or sew to save my life, but when I heard she was pregnant, I hit upon a great way to combine my recent crochet obsession with a baby-themed tribute to her mad quilting skillz.

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Bundt in the oven (Blueberry-lemon bundt with lemon glaze / Cranberry bundt cake)

30 12 2011

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a hoarder. Lots of things in my house that I think are too awesome to throw away, and for my wedding I registered for quite a few things that today seem a bit frivolous. (There are also a few things I regret not putting on my registry, but that’s another story.)

My silicone bundt pan is one of those things about which I’m on the fence, so I’ve been trying to make bundt cake as often as possible in the past few months. Fortunately, it’s a great holiday cake that (usually) looks beautiful and is pretty easy to make, so it really hasn’t been a hardship.

Blueberry-lemon bundt cake with lemon glaze

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