Where everybody knows your name?

22 09 2009
Photo by daveg147. Taken from stock.xchng.

I’m a little bit of a romantic at heart, so there’s something that really tugs at me when I dine alone in a diner/family restaurant setting.

It’s not quite the same when you’re there with friends or significant other in tow, although I still love it; a particular favourite of the Boyfriend and I is Perkin’s (1130 St. Laurent Blvd.), where we know most of the waiters and I like to chat up Bruce, the manager (I found out that all of the all-you-can-eat specials have been adapted from his recipes). The Boyfriend’s high-school buddies have all been going to Perkin’s for more than a decade now, and have fond memories of playing poker at four in the morning while the same frizzy-haired blond waitress brings them endless pitchers of ice water.

I’m relatively new to Perkin’s myself, having only started going with the Boyfriend about three or four years ago, before we started dating, but we have lots of great memories ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »


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