I enjoy being a girl

10 03 2010

Heh, I always thought that Rodgers & Hammerstein number was so ridiculous, but it’s rather fun and I echo the sentiment.

I guess I write a lot about film or food – I do have other loves! Unfortunately, most of them are pretty frivolous. Frivolity, I guess that’s another F-word for me =)

Anyway, I also love fashion, especially vintage frocks and funky styles, and I adore people who can pull off stuff I think is really cute/avant-garde but that I’m afraid to wear for fear of looking silly, or because it’s cold out and I still can’t rock the tights-and-dress look. I’ll get there someday! I guess vintage is pretty hot right now so I’m not exactly being original, but whatever.

Here are some of my recently discovered favourites. I don’t always keep up with them because I follow a bazillion blogs, but I love them when I can look in on them:

1. Esme and the lane way (http://esmeandthelaneway.blogspot.com/)

This girl is so freaking adorable! I have a huge girl crush. From the Bettie Page curls to the pale alabaster complexion, blue eyes and fire-engine red lips, to how she can pull off high-waisted shorts without looking ridiculous … so envious. Her style is really wonderful, and she takes great pictures of her clothes. Observe:

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