I enjoy being a girl

10 03 2010

Heh, I always thought that Rodgers & Hammerstein number was so ridiculous, but it’s rather fun and I echo the sentiment.

I guess I write a lot about film or food – I do have other loves! Unfortunately, most of them are pretty frivolous. Frivolity, I guess that’s another F-word for me =)

Anyway, I also love fashion, especially vintage frocks and funky styles, and I adore people who can pull off stuff I think is really cute/avant-garde but that I’m afraid to wear for fear of looking silly, or because it’s cold out and I still can’t rock the tights-and-dress look. I’ll get there someday! I guess vintage is pretty hot right now so I’m not exactly being original, but whatever.

Here are some of my recently discovered favourites. I don’t always keep up with them because I follow a bazillion blogs, but I love them when I can look in on them:

1. Esme and the lane way (http://esmeandthelaneway.blogspot.com/)

This girl is so freaking adorable! I have a huge girl crush. From the Bettie Page curls to the pale alabaster complexion, blue eyes and fire-engine red lips, to how she can pull off high-waisted shorts without looking ridiculous … so envious. Her style is really wonderful, and she takes great pictures of her clothes. Observe:

Very Zooey Deschanel, who’s also pale and blue-eyed. I guess I have a penchant for the pale look due to living in Asia all my life and being inundated with the “white-is-beautiful” mentality, plus I really loved Anne of Green Gables as a child and redheads by extension, who are pale by default.

Anyway, this blog is a fantastic lookbook. I must confess I’m not really reading her writing because I’m just bowled over by her style, but the snippets I have scanned are very readable.

2. Frocking Around

Living in the perpetual heat and dust of Malaysia, Meldee, Kahani and Rey (a high-school acquaintance of mine) are always able to kit themselves in gorgeous – and affordable! -dresses. Two of them are journalists, so I always feel somewhat ashamed when reading this blog that I don’t dress as beautifully as they do for the office (today, for example, I’m wearing a Mike Fisher Ottawa Senators T-shirt. Not exactly the cutting-edge of fashion, but I’m supporting my team, so whatevs). Come the summer, though, it’s all systems go, especially as I bought a bazillion cute frocks from my last trip to Malaysia, two of them vintage-y.

Anyway, the three of them have an unerring sense of the fabulous, and in fact, I was introduced to Esme and the Lane Way through Frocking Around. Three very distinctive styles – I probably dress most like Kahani, but I aspire to own more items like those in Meldee’s closet.

I love that these ladies aren’t afraid to use bright colours – being a former devotee of austere colours (in middle school I only wore burgundy/maroon, black, baby blue and grey), I got into brights late in life and have never looked back. Now, my wardrobe’s filled with teal (my favourite colour!), orange, fuschia and red, although I still tend to buy and wear a lot of black.

By the way, I have to squee a little about Kahani’s turquoise shoes in the middle picture, they are absolutely gorgeous! I bought a similar pair but hardly ever wear them except with my so-called “watermelon” outfit – a fuschia bubble dress, big green beads and the shoes.

3. Sephora and ModCloth

The Fiancé knows that I cannot step into Sephora without buying something (it’s sort of like that for him and Bushtukah/MEC). It’s a disease – I spend so much money on cosmetics there where previously I was happy with my Maybelline. I still use cheapo $2 eyeliner from Shoppers Drug Mart, but that’s because I go through those like Tiger Woods goes through women (ba-dum-ching!).

Even the website is dangerous for me as I love reading the reviews for hours and going through the sale items in the hopes that I’ll find something new and shiny to use. I totally don’t need more makeup!

Still, at least I’m happy with the purchases I’ve made there, especially my Makeup For Ever black aqua creamliner and various cosmetic brushes, and I actually use them.

As for ModCloth, it’s one of the places where I love to browse but I’ve never bought anything, mostly because my one online clothes shopping experience turned out pretty horribly and now I have a useless piece of clothing sitting in my closet that I’ve never worn. One of these days I’ll get out a measuring tape and will bite the bullet to buy them, but not today, and not while I’m still supporting my Sephora habit.

Till then, I’m ogling these dresses and sighing profusely:

Classy and Sassy dress

In other news, I indulged my love of advertising yesterday and dragged The Fiancé to a double-bill of Art & Copy and a presentation of the World’s Best Commercials 2009.

My mom worked as a secretary at an advertising firm and she always warned me against working at one because the environment was so toxic there. Well, no chance of that anyway because I’m horribly uncreative when it comes to design and I’m only moderately better at writing copy. But I still love watching great ads, so I was curious to see the process.

So much for that with the first movie, which was frankly pretty boring and bad. I kept comparing it to Helvetica, my absolute favourite documentary and one of my favourite films too – both are focused on an aspect of commerce and pop culture, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

I fell asleep towards the end because I saw so few interesting commercials in it, it was horribly and frenetically edited, and the interviews had no focus. I learned absolutely nothing about advertising and it was basically just people psychobabbling about the possible sources of their art. Bah.

The World’s Best Commercials were much better – we had a really good laugh at some of them, especially this Boag’s Draught “Pure Water” ad and this McDonald’s “Singing Fish” commercial. There were a couple of really affecting ones too, most notably a series of commercials about Alzheimer’s (this one is the one I liked the best).

I’d been wanting to watch the ad festivals forever – missed my chance to see the Cannes Ad Festival in first or second year when we were actually in line but I showed up late and tickets ended up being sold out =( Since then I’ve always said I wanted to check it out but never got round to it. So I jumped at the chance for a double-bill this time round and didn’t regret the ad festival portion at least. Will definitely have to make a point to watch the Cannes one when it comes back around!




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12 02 2011

Krystle, you’re a such a great writer! a real pleasure to read. and I have no idea how you pack so much into one blog post. it must take you hours. that could easily have been 8 different posts!!!! loveit.

4 10 2011
Audrey Tang (@audreytang)

Ahhh, love pretty pretty things!

27 07 2012


27 07 2012
Krystle K.

Thank you for commenting! Love your blog!

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