They say it’s your birthday…

22 07 2011

My friend, the lovely Mrs. Dunwell of the adorable Done Well blog, has been prodding me to update F-Words with some of my recent culinary experiments. Given my penchant for procrastination and wordiness (meaning blog posts take forever to write), I’ve been rather reluctant. But the Husband’s 30th birthday celebration extravaganza presented the perfect opportunity for me to kick my lazy butt into high gear and give my camera a bit of a workout.

The mister enjoys his food quite a bit – one of the reasons I love him so much – so I decided I was going to prepare a gigantic, multi-part feast to celebrate this milestone, with the help of some of my favourite food bloggers and sites.

For starters, I made The Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes and a cheesy jalapeño cornbread recipe that I cobbled together from a couple of random sites. The mains: a modified version of Martha Stewart’s chicken with feta cheese and Cooking Light’s barbecued pork tenderloin (my first-ever attempt at grilling). And for dessert, a strawberry summer cake from Smitten Kitchen/ Martha Stewart that I’ve been obsessed with and have made three times in the past two months.

The finished product

The finished product. The cornbread isn't in the picture, and neither is the cake, though.

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