Up in your grill (Spinach bread grilled cheese)

28 09 2011

Being from Malaysia, there’s a lot of stuff I know about food. Malaysians are obsessed with food; ask any of my relatives a simple question like “What’s in this?” and be prepared to listen to a sonnet about the art of food preparation. (My husband still chuckles about the time my Uncle Tony rhapsodized about how the different durian breeds are akin to the many pungent varieties of cheese.)

When I came to North America, though, I found out there were a few things I still had to learn. This post is about two of those things, married together in one afternoon when The Husband and I were having trouble coming up with something to eat for lunch.

Grilled cheese on spinach bread

I would have tried to take more and better pictures of these, but The Husband was hungry.

One of the things this Malaysian girl learned about is that a grilled cheese sandwich is NOT “two slices of bread put into a toaster oven, face up with cheese slices on them, and then slapped together.” No joke, this is what I did while I was growing up. Still awesome, especially when the cheese bubbles up, browns and crisps, revealing a totally different flavour, but definitely not the same thing.

Second, I learned how to make bread. More specifically, how to make Emeril Lagasse’s spinach bread, since I’ve never tried making any other kind.  Read the rest of this entry »


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