Quilt trip

25 01 2012

I’ve mentioned the incomparable Mrs. Dunwell of Done Well many times before, and readers will know she is quite the quilter (wanted to put something in there about it being a “quilty pleasure” of hers but alas, I cannot claim credit for that fantastic pun since it’s the name of a store in Orleans).

Now, I can’t quilt or sew to save my life, but when I heard she was pregnant, I hit upon a great way to combine my recent crochet obsession with a baby-themed tribute to her mad quilting skillz.

I figured a crocheted quilt-blanket, made up of 25 “granny squares,” would be a good project to tackle, since squares don’t need to be made to fit a little person’s body, and they sort of look like the squares on a quilt.

Ravelry was an invaluable source of free pattern goodness. I found Carola Wijma’s adorable Funny Face Square pattern pretty much right away and knew it was going to be one element of the blanket:

My favourite Funny Face Square among the ones I made.

It was a bit more tricky than I expected, but overall I’m happy with the bears I managed to make after I figured out how to properly embroider the French knot “eye twinkle” and the right way to sew on the 3D ears.

Finding the other part, though, was more difficult. I found some squares that looked beautiful on the site, but due to my own lack of skill or sizing issues (they were too big/too small to go with the bears), they really didn’t work out.

Then, I found the “Somalia” African Flower granny square pattern by Eliza Wetsch.

I was really reluctant to do this one at first because there wasn’t a written pattern, and I’m not generally a big fan of instructional videos. The Husband has learned tons of things by watching videos online – how to sew, how to cook a turkey, etc. – but I definitely prefer reading stuff rather than having to hit rewind every time I miss a step.

But the video is pretty clear and easy to follow, and once I got over The Husband’s chuckles at the narrator’s proper German Austrian way of speaking, I really got quick at these. They are SO easy and fun to make.

(On a side note, I actually took the time to transcribe the pattern, but unfortunately it’s stuck on my old, dead laptop. Will try to post it up when I have the time to retranscribe.) UPDATE! I took the time to do it the day after I originally wrote this post, so see below for the written pattern for the “Somalia” granny square!

The assembly process took a few hours as well because I wanted to make sure I didn’t have any of the same coloured squares, petals or bears in the same line. Unfortunately, because I didn’t plot this out before I started making squares, it probably took me a lot longer than if I had planned it better. I literally sat and arranged squares for two hours, while determining the colour schemes for the remaining squares.

Putting it together.

I would have liked it to be a little bigger, but I wanted to finish it before year-end (and before Baby Dunwell was born in February), so I didn’t have enough time.

I must say, though, that I’m really pleased with the outcome!

I added a half double crochet border to bring it all together, on the advice of my sister-in-law and my friend Angela D., and some of the squares were sewn together with the help of another lovely pal, Bailing Z.

This is definitely something I want to tackle again if and when I have my own little ones.


(Transcribed from this video: http://www.nadelspiel.com/2011/08/07/crochet-granny-square-somalia/. All intellectual property belongs to original creator of pattern.)

Centre of flower: Start with magic adjustable ring method; ch 1 (counts as first sc), 7 more sc in round (for a total of 8 sc). Join with sl st to first sc.

Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc into same stitch. *(Ch 1, 2 dc in next stitch). Repeat from * 6 more times – you ought to have 8 dc pairs. Join with sl st to first dc. Fasten off.


Round 3: Join petal colour in ch-1 gap in round 2. Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc into same ch-1 gap; ch 2, 2 dc in same ch-1 gap. *[Ch 1. In next ch-1 gap (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc)]. Repeat from * 6 more times – you ought to have 8 “petals”. Join with sl st to first dc.

Round 4: Sl st into first ch-2 space in round 3. Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 6 dc into same ch-2 gap. *(Ch 1. In next ch-2 gap, 7 dc). Repeat from *6 more times. Join with sl st to first dc. Fasten off.


Round 5: Join new border colour to round 4 in 4th dc of any petal. Ch 1 (counts as first sc), sc in every dc of petal (should be 3 more sc after ch-1). *(Insert hook into 2nd dc of round 3, yo and pull up loop to round 5 level, yo and pull loops through both hoops on hook – long sc made. Sc in every dc of next petal – you should have 7 sc per petal.) Repeat from * 6 more times. Sc in remaining dc. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

(NOTE: The original pattern calls for you to alternate between inserting your hook into round 3, and round 2 for a taller long sc, and I didn’t realize until watching the video again just now. It looks fine without the alternating, but it’s up to you.)


Round 6: Join frame colour in any long sc in round 5. Ch 2 (counts as first hdc), skip next sc, hdc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, hdc in next sc, skip next sc.

Corner: In next long sc, (2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr). Skip next sc.

*(Hdc, sc in next 3 sc, hdc, skip next sc. Hdc into long sc, skip next sc, hdc, sc in next 3 sc, hdc, skip next sc. Corner in next long sc. Skip next sc.)

Repeat from * twice more. Hdc, sc in next 3 sc, hdc. Join with sl st to first hdc.

Round 7: Ch 2 (counts as first hdc), hdc into every stitch until ch-2 of corner.

Corner: In ch-2 space, (2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc).

*(Hdc into ever stitch until next corner ch-2. Work corner into ch-2 space.)

Repeat from * twice more. Hdc into remaining stitches; join with sl st to first hdc. Fasten off.




9 responses

26 01 2012

Hey Krystle, chanced upon your blog here today and wish you’ve written more! Love how you’ve embraced the domestication that comes with being a good wife of the Faith. I had thought I was the only one for a while there. Write more about your pursuits to inspire me yeah?

27 01 2012

So amazing! I can’t thank you enough! The work(wo)manship is just stunning. I can’t wait to brag about your great work on my blog!

6 02 2012

Wow Krys! What a cute quilt! I never knew you had a secret crochet talent 🙂

8 04 2012

I’ve awarded you the Versatile blogger award. If you have received it before however, just answer my tag questions. You’ll see: http://happyeverafterbride.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/tagged-again-and-awarded.html

4 07 2012
Bringing up baby (clothes) « F-Words: Profanity-free thoughts

[…] turned to Ravelry for some ideas (you may recall I sourced the patterns for my baby quilt from there), and found this baby hoodie pattern from Coats & Clark: © Coats & […]

4 07 2012

Hello, i tried to do the somalia granny square, but when i finished my square doesnt lay flat. Instead it bunches and ripples a lot. Do you know what i did wrong and how i can get it to lay flat? It seems to start this rippling effect as i crochet the petals even before i put the border and frame on. I doubled check myself and i cant find where i went wrong.

4 07 2012
Krystle C.

Hi Natalie, do you get a hexagonal shape when you’re doing the third round (the first petal round)? I just tried again using my own transcription and it came out flat. The only things I can think of are:

– are you using the magic ring method? Not sure if the regular foundation chain produces results that are as even.
– not sure if it’s clear from my pattern, but the first round (which is also the magic ring foundation round) ought to have a total of 8 sc in it, including the first ch-1. So, ch-1 and 7 more sc.

Maybe you could let me know which rounds in particular you’re having problems with? I could also e-mail you if you prefer.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope I can be of help.

9 07 2012

Hello, ok i tried the pattern again and this time it seems to have worked out better! I didnt pull the flower border long sc as tight as last time and the square is laying almost completely flat. Also i have been using a different brand of yarn for the flower petalsthat seems to be a little chunkier which may have also contributed to the rippling effect i was getting before. Thanks for your advice and for writing down this pattern on your blog!

29 05 2015
Eleanor Griego

Thank you, thank you for taking the time and writing this pattern out! Bless your heart! 🙂 I am going to make this for a friend and can’t wait to get started! Again, Thank you!

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