Krystle K. (formerly Krystle C.)  is a Christian Malaysian living in Ottawa who happens to be an erstwhile journalist, gourmand, Broadway baby wannabe, film geek and occasional runner who has no delusions that anyone will read her blog.

She fought the idea of blogging for years, but missed doing the food and movie reviews she used to write years ago, and figured, “What the heck!” after a burst of inspiration from watching a movie about blogging.

F-words will not be dedicated to that infamous four-letter F-word that causes the genteel to blush and censors to vault to action, nor will there be any profanity of any kind, although there may be content that’s offensive to some. Rather it’s an exploration of all the F-words that matter in (her) life – food, film, faith, Fosse, family, friends, fitness, felines and occasionally, famous people (because Krys, unfortunately, likes celebrity gossip).

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