10 07 2012

Happy to highlight the adorable knitting blog, Crayons and Milk – not only is it a source of endless delight and cuteness, the owner was kind enough to like my baby clothes post. There’s also a great giveaway contest at the moment where the owner is doing a draw for a hand-knitted toys and they are just gorgeous!

I’ve just started following but I’m definitely excited to see more and will have to try knitting some of those toys if and when I get back into knitting…

crayons and milk

I just want to THANK YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU for all the love, support, and encouragements that I have been receiving!  *Hugs & Kisses*

How this works: 
I will knit one toy for you (choose from the pictures below)

Toenter (do all 3):
1.  Follow my blog
2.  Like this post
3.  Comment below for which toy you would like me to knit for you <Ballerina, Chef, or Nurse>

*OPTIONAL for WordPress bloggers only*:Reblog this post for an extra chance to win (i.e. Your name will be entered twice in the draw)

*OPTIONAL for e-mail followers only*: Share my blog through another form of social media and let me know you’ve done so by commenting below (I may not be able to verify because there may be privacy settings such as for Facebook; therefore, its an…

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