Jitterbuggin’ (Chocolate chip banana “bug” muffins)

3 10 2013

Everybody seems to have a favourite recipe for banana bread. It’s certainly handy in households like ours that just can’t eat bananas fast enough. You know what I’m talking about — the freezer is your best friend and you always have about a half-dozen blackened bananas wedged in between your ice cream and frozen peas.

Not being fond of bananas, I’m not actually a huge fan of banana bread or muffins. But you can only throw away so much food without feeling like a total wastrel. The solution? Chocolate chips and fun shapes — both ingredients for a delicious, moist treat that kids and adults alike will enjoy.


The result of an impromptu girls’ night of baking and It’s A Wonderful Life (and, of course, too many frozen bananas in the freezer), along with the sudden inspiration to use a Nordic Ware Backyard Bugs pan we had received as a wedding present, this recipe  Read the rest of this entry »


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